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Pre & PostNatal

Prenatal fitness helps you stay in shape during your pregnancy while preparing for the challenges of Labour and the physical changes after birth. Postnatal fitness is vital to rebuild and rehab your Pelvic Floor, deep core muscles, any birth injuries and lost strength. 

Your workouts are designed based on specific areas of strength, posture and cardiovascular health so you can experience a comfortable, healthy pregnancy, and enjoy a faster recovery post-birth.

The benefits of exercising during and after pregnancy are well-researched and include the following:

  • Promotes healthy weight gain during pregnancy

  • Reduced risk of gestational diabetes

  • Prepares body for labour

  • Better postnatal recovery

  • Diastasis Recti Repair

  • Less back & pelvic pain

  • Lower risk of incontinence

  • Pelvic Floor repair

  • Reduces risk of Pre & post natal depression and anxiety

  • Improved energy and sleep

When training with me, whether pre or postnatal, I include aerobic activity, resistance exercises and an easy warm up and cool down (which you can also do from home). 

My pre and postnatal programs focus on:

  • Appropriate weight gain or weight loss 

  • Strengthening pelvic floor and deep core muscle 

  • Pelvic floor and deep core muscle recruitment

  • Correct breathing techniques

  • Mental preparation for labour during the 3rd Trimester

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