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Newborn Essentials

Like many first-time mothers I focused SO much on the period leading up to and including labour. Appointments, ultrasounds, blood test, consistent exercise, eating well etc!

My List of Must Haves for every New Mum:

Once my beautiful girl arrived, many of the tools I wish I had prepared ahead of time, I stumbled across by trial and error – making the newborn phase arguably much harder than it needed to be. So, for those newbie mums out there, here is my non exhaustive list of must-haves! This is not a sponsored list!! I actually originally wrote this for my SELF!*

  • White noise machine, this one is small, loud enough, easy and re-chargeable.

  • Bottle and formula just in case you have any trouble breastfeeding. Pigeon bottles are very good and came recommended by ourl midwife. But you might have to experiment to find the one that works best for your baby.

  • White face washers for milk spew

  • Burping cloths 

  • Breastpads, your boobs will likely leak. Mine did like crazy! I like these ones from Chemist Warehouse that you can get at WW or Coles too, or you can get washable ones if you prefer.

  • Lanolin cream – your nipples will feel like someone took sandpaper to them. This helps and is safe for baby so you don’t have to wash it off

  • A baby hair Brush and nail clippers, this set has been great: 

  • Natural oil – olive, coconut, almond (whatever your preference) great for after a bath and especially baby’s head to help prevent/remove cradle cap.

  • Once your milk comes in, invest in a quality nursing bra. I used the Bonds ones and finally after months bought a Hot Milk one and it was life changing. The Bonds ones are ok too – especially for sleeping in. 

  • A Nappy Rash cream

  • A coffee cup that has a fully enclosed lid, burns from coffee on babies are really common. I got this one and LOVE it! 

*I also only ever put warm coffee in it, get used to lukewarm coffee I say 😉

  • A Sling! Don’t ever worry about holding the baby for sleeps during the first few months – they don’t learn sleep associations until about 4/5 months old, so you can’t over-snuggle them!

If you are still with me …here are a few Other Tips

  • Take a warm robe to hospital, it’s freezing and it’s hard to stay warm in normal clothes when trying to breastfeed.
  • I also basically lived in soft lounge pants at hospital and for the first few months.
  • Prepare lots of frozen meals, think pastas and rice. You are going to be starving while breastfeeding. I would also suggest not eating chilli, garlic or onion as it impacts the breastmilk and can cause colic/gas.
  • Also, have a tray next to you while feeding filled with: a water bottle with a straw (you can’t tip your head back while breastfeeding), muesli bars or other easy snacks (the protein bars from Aldi were my favourite), a box of tissues, wet wipes, and face washers. I had Hubs refill this for me every night before the next day.
  • Have a bucket filled with water, detergent and Vanish ready EVERYDAY in the laundry. When clothes get spewed/pood all over they will stink if you don’t first soak them before washing. This includes your clothing. 
  • I can’t stress the benefit of doing a Newborn sleep class enough. Learning sleepy cues, putting baby to sleep after the correct wake-window, and setting up routines will be a life-saver. I know there are many out there so choose one that resonates with you, but I can recommend all of the courses by Taking Care A Babies
  • Make your bedroom as dark as possible to help set cardium rhythms, and take Bub outside, or expose to natural light in the morning. I still use these blinds for both Miss 3 and Mr 14months.
  • Invest in a high quality pram. Something lightweight, that could hold lots of groceries! Trust me, being able to walk easily with a no-fuss pram is a game-changer! 

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