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What can I expect during my initial session?

The first session is an opportunity for me to evaluate how you move, see what exercises you’re capable of and where you might need some corrective and/or accessory work to build stability. I will take you through a basic circuit based on your pre-exercise questionnaire, which will form the basis of your on-going program.

I've just had a baby, when can I start

It’s a good ideal to wait the recommended 6-8 weeks postpartum, or 10-12 if you’ve had a cesarean. I recommend speaking with your Healthcare Professional and sometimes a letter clearing you to exercise may be required. A Physio check on your pelvic floor is also recommended, this will help me determine the best exercises for you.

What if I've had an injury?

This is usually fine, depending on the issue. Please include a detailed description on your Pre-exercise questionnaire and I will tailor your program accordingly. It’s also a good idea to have clearance from your Healthcare provider.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, you can read all about it HERE

What should I bring?

Water and a sweat towel is all you will need!

Where do you do the training?

Sessions are held at my home studio in Lane Cove. It is a great training space, and there is plenty of parking.

Any other questions?

Email me anytime!